“The more different things you do, the better you get at all of them.”

The regeneration of a historic grade-2 listed stable block into one of the regions most prestigious office spaces.
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A geodesic-dome accommodation business. Inspired by camping with friends, Johnny and his close friend Dan wanted to make outdoors, off-grid experiences accessible to those who may not be able to do “wild camping”. Luna Domes provides connection with nature in luxury, calming surroundings.

The world's first deployable renewable energy system for live events. SolCell is an activist product intended to remove the use of fossil fuels from live events.

A global media, experiential and content production company delivering services to major corporate clients, as well as supporting smaller organisations with pro-bono services to help them fulfill their missions to make the world better.

A Whisky Brand

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Documentary Production Company

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Co-founded with a  group of event professionals during the pandemic, Intelligo is a streaming platform that allows people to host eventually virtually, at scale, sustainably and with a focus on human connection and networking.

A complex of TV-broadcast studios and facilities based in the south west of the UK.  These allow clients to deliver important messages to infinitely large global audiences in a low-impact and sustainable way.

"There are a lot of projects I would like to do that I cannot do on my own. When this happens I like to put it out there that so that I can find others to work with.”

Wild Swimming Brand

“For wild swimming it is like surfing in the early 90s – it is a big movement, with a strong image and culture. I want to work with talented apparel designers to make clothing and kit that serves the wild swimming community and reflects their culture and values.  This will be an activist brand and must be a B-Corp.  It will make wild swimming a more aspiration and accessible pastime – thereby driving the physical, mental and social benefits to a larger audience, at scale. Think “the North Face of wild swimming with a Patagonia vibe”.

Activist and Tech Incubator

“There is a lot of incredible talent in the world that is not being given what it needs to fulfill its potential.   I want to work with a curator and facilities manager to build a world-class incubator for activist and tech businesses. I have the property, the kit and an iconic location at my estate in Bristol, I just need the right people to work with. Our mission will be to support sustainable business to grow, make the world better and inspire.